Got a question relating to the services offered by Good Commerce? Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive from our clients.

Where is Good Commerce based?

Good Commerce is Vancouver’s leading Shopify Agency. We help clients across Canada, and the US, elevate their online presence and exceed their digital goals.

What industries do you work in?

No matter what industry you’re in, if your business is online, Good Commerce can help you. Our data-driven digital strategies have helped businesses in diverse industries and locations.

What services does Good Commerce offer?

We are a full-service Shopify agency that can assist with every aspect of your business’ online presence. Some of our most popular services include:

Why Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that’s reliable, easy-to-use, and secure. Out of all the website options out there, we believe Shopify gives our clients the optimal platform to grow and succeed and we are passionate about helping them.

How much do your services cost?

To meet the unique needs of our clients, we believe in creating tailored services that are custom-suited to their needs. As a result, we don’t have off the rack pricing for our services. We are keenly aware of the budgets for small- and medium-sized businesses and our services are designed to maximize value. Contact us using the form below for a free consultation and quote.

How long does a website take to build?

This is a question we receive and all the time and unfortunately the answer is, it depends! Some websites can take several months of design and development; others can be turned around in a few weeks. Every business has unique needs and objectives. Through our initial consultation, we’ll be able to provide an estimate for the website build.

Do you offer on-going support?

Definitely. We offer a variety of custom support plans tailored to suit each individual need and budget. 

What if I want to make small edits to my website after it’s done?

When we transfer your website to your ownership, it’s presented in a turnkey way that allows for easy edits. Shopify uses a simple content management system (CMS) and we’ll ensure you understand how it works and how to use it.

I have an existing website. Can you help me improve it?

Absolutely! We are happy to meet your business at any step in your journey. If your business is online, we have the strategies and expertise to help you grow.

I want to refresh the copywriting on my website. Can you help?

Yes. Our in-house copywriter will work with you to craft compelling website copy that’s a hit with your target audience and helps improve your search engine placement through SEO.

How can search engine optimization (SEO) help my business?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website ranked as highly as possible in Google results pages. Each minute, over two million searches happen on Google. 80-85 per cent of these searches are for a product or service. A well-designed search engine optimization campaign puts your business at the forefront of these search results, building a consistent pipeline of leads for your business.

Do you have testimonials from previous clients you’ve worked with?

Of course! We are proud to highlight the amazing businesses we partner with. View our Google Reviews to find out what they have to say about us.

What kind of business branding services do you offer?

No two businesses are the same. That’s why no two branding projects look the same. We will develop a tailored approach to your brand that can include the following services:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Graphic Design

I need someone to manage my social media accounts. Can you do it?

Yes. In fact, social media management is one of our most popular services. We know social, we know the platforms businesses should leverage for best results, and we know how to grow your audience. We’ll help turn likes into leads and comments into conversions.

What social media platform should I focus on?

It depends. Each social platform has a dominant demographic. Using our experience, we’ll identify the platforms you should focus on, and how you can maximize your efforts. Our goal is to build your following and engage your audience with content that’s informative and entertaining.

What kind of content creation options do you offer?

Content creation nowadays is more than just blog writing! Our team understands the latest trends and we can help improve your copywriting, graphic design, photography and even your videography. View our Content Creation page to find out more.

Is Good Commerce Hiring?

Check out our careers page to view our current openings. 

If we're not hiring now, we might be in the future. If you think you might be a good fit send your resume and cover letter to Jennifer at hr@gdcommerce.ca to make sure you're considered the next time we have an opening.

Do you offer workshops or education for business owners?

We are enthusiastic about helping business owners achieve their potential. It’s what we do! Part of how we achieve this goal is through our Learn Good Commerce program and our range of Digital Products.

What happens in a Brand Discovery session?

At the beginning of our partnership, we will meet with you for a brand discovery session. This informal meeting allows us to get to know each other a little better, discover what makes your business unique, learn what your goals are, and devise a strategic path forward to help you achieve those goals. As a small business ourselves, we understand budgets can be tight. That’s why we’re committed to maximizing your value and utilizing our resources in the most efficient manner we can.

Is paid advertising a good fit for my business?

Paid advertising can work amazingly well for any business, as long as it’s deployed in a strategic and measurable way. Our pay-per-click advertising experts will partner with you to devise a strategy that’s uniquely tailored to your needs.