Copywriting to Make Your Business Shine

When creating collateral for a business, trendy design and flashy gimmicks will only get you so far. The most effective way to engage and retain your audience is to deliver brilliant copywriting that tells the story of your brand, while working to convey your unique value proposition. 

Seems simple, eh? Truth is, it’s not. Creating enthralling content for your website that shines with your audience (and Google’s SEO algorithms) is a difficult task. It takes careful planning and works best when viewed holistically alongside your overall brand.

That’s why it pays to work with the experts at Good Commerce. We believe in combining well-written, memorable copywriting with keyword research that’s as popular with Google as it is with your audience.

Here are just five benefits you’ll enjoy from working with Good Commerce on your Copywriting:

    • It Makes an Impression: Good copywriting sparkles because customers are more likely to engage with it, and share it, if it offers them value.
    • Value for Money: Copywriting has a long tail, which means it continues to work in the background and provide answers for potential customers while the information is relevant.
    • Great for Google: Looking to improve your website SEO? A blog works to ensure your site is regularly updated with fresh, up-to-date information.
    • It Builds Trust: Copywriting allows you to showcase your business’ expertise and provide a compelling reason why potential customers should choose your business.
    • Great for Social: Struggling to come up with ideas for social posts? A blog provides a regular stream of shareable content tailored toward your audience.

How our Copywriting Process Works

Our copywriting process begins with a Brand Discovery meeting. This informal get together allows us to get to know each other a little better, discover what makes your brand unique, and learn what your goals are. Our aim is to ensure we’re crafting content for your audience that will resonate with them and help to drive conversions.

We carry out keyword research for every copywriting project, ensuring your pages will rank highly on Google for your chosen keywords.

We understand budgets can be tight, and we aren’t in the business of wasting your time or money. We believe in repurposing content across different projects (think website, social media and blogs) so you can have on-brand content everywhere your brand wants to be.

Let’s Chat

Interested in hearing how Good Commerce can elevate your copywriting? Contact us to book a Brand Discovery session and let’s start achieving your business goals together.