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About Aequus Eye Care

Aequus Eye Care is on a mission to improve Canadian eye care. To meet the needs of clinicians and patients, Aequus looks globally to bring the most advanced products to the Canadian ophthalmic market. They partner with clinicians to develop new products, and support their clinics and patients.

They have combined years of research with patient feedback in order to create Evolve™, a line of dry eye drops that provide premium relief in an ergonomic and easy to use bottle.


Aequus Eye Care came to us as they were launching Evolve™, their new line of dry eye drops. They needed an online presence and an SEO strategy that would allow them to gain an organic search foothold to rival their established industry competitors. Aequus hired Good Commerce to build a streamlined B2B ecommerce solution paired with a robust SEO strategy.


This web build process optimized for SEO each step of the way. We began with an SEO audit and keyword research, allowing us to identify opportunities for growth. We then integrated these keywords into our page content, meta descriptions and alt text to maximize each pages' organic search potential.

Ongoing maintenance is important, especially with a new product. We test and adjust this SEO strategy regularly to ensure we're getting the best possible organic search performance.


Aequus's website serves as both a B2B sales platform, and an informative resource for patients. Thorough and continuous SEO has put them in a position to rival their competitors, and the growth has only just begun.


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