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About Aequus Eye Care

Their headquarters in Vancouver, their hard-working team scours the globe to deliver cutting edge and cost-effective products to the Canadian ophthalmic market.

The years of research and patient feedback recently culminated in their Evolve dry eye drop product line, which provides premium relief in an ergonomic and easy to use bottle.


Aequus Eye Care knew they had a winning product on their hands in the shape of Evolve. They also knew they needed a hand in widening their sales funnel and reaching more customers online.

In our initial consult, we learned they needed an online presence and a winning SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that would grow their organic reach and allow them to compete on a level playing field with their established industry competitors.

Aequus partnered with Good Commerce to develop a streamlined B2B (business to business) eCommerce solution, paired with a robust SEO strategy tailored to their needs.


Good Commerce’s internal SEO experts immediately set to work, producing a comprehensive Keyword Research report. Alongside this initial work, our web developers began creating a powerful, turnkey website that Aequus’ internal team and customers alike would find easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

Following our keyword research, key terms and phrases were deployed throughout the content and meta data, with frequent adjustment depending on keyword search volumes. We also developed ongoing strategies to grow Aequus’ long-term link building efforts.


47 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
92 %
Page optimization score

As more and more customers navigate online, putting your business in the shop window has never been more important. Aequus soon saw a 47% increase in their organic search results, surpassing some of their primary competitors. All pages on their website also score over 92% for page optimization.

This momentum has led to Aequus receiving increased sales, higher page views, and a much larger digital footprint.

We look forward to supporting their ongoing growth through paid ad campaigns and a blog copywriting strategy.

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