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"I Need a New Website"

We have you covered. Our refined approach to managing a new website development means we can meet you where you are. Do you have all of the components and need them added into Shopify? Great. For the majority of businesses, this just isn't the case.

We can help with Content Creation by ensuring you have copy that is written for Search Engine Optimization and photos that tell a story for your brand. All web developments include an intuitive UX that ultimately is able to convert visitors into customers. 

The Experience 

Upon signing up for a new web build, we'll assign you a Project Manager who will be your point of contact. This means you always have one person to contact. No use getting confused who to email for what, email one person - or better yet, pick up the phone and speak with a human. 

We will:

    • Create an on-brand experience for your customers that drive a central call-to-action that promotes your business. That could mean sell products, book appointments with you or sign up for a consultation, among other options.
    • Pre-select three (3) of the most effective themes for your store
    • Utilize your website copy and content (photos, videos, blogs, etc.)
    • Utilize best practises throughout the setup process
    • Incorporate the latest trends into your website
    • Create an excellent user experience (UX) for your customer
    • Provide a turnkey experience for you to take over when your site is ready to launch

Your Involvement

Without a doubt, a project like this can be an undertaking. We understand this and want to make sure we're respecting your time. You can be as involved with your web build as you want. Of course, we'll need you to sign off on things every now and then to make sure we're on the right track, but if you're busy you're running your business, we can handle this with minimal involvement. We lump in the effort we need from you right at the beginning and right before launch.