HR Services

Find the Right Fit

At Good Commerce, we mostly work with small businesses who haven’t grown sufficiently to have a dedicated HR role in their organization. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of people management services delivered by our dedicated Human Resources Consultant.

People management offers a uniquely challenging set of circumstances for business. It’s a constant challenge to find and retain talent that not only fit their role, but also the culture of an organization. When you’re already busy running your business, that challenge only grows larger. Let us take it off your plate. Here are some of the common Human Resources tasks we can assist with:

  • Effective recruitment strategies for your business
  • What you need to know before hiring your first employee
  • Setting up compensation and benefits packages
  • How to handle performance reviews
  • Key tips for creating a respectful and inclusive workplace
  • Drafting company policy manuals
  • Deciding on company vacation allowance

HR Consulting

Need help with any aspect of your human resource management? Our HR Consulting service provides invaluable support for employers by taking the stress of handling staffing-related issues off their plate. We can tailor ongoing support packages for businesses of all sizes, whether you have an existing HR department or not. Our HR Consulting services operates so seamlessly, it will feel like you have your own efficient, in-house HR expert on staff.

Recruitment Services

Finding the right person for your business is more than just a qualifications check. It’s all about finding the right fit for your position and organizational structure. At Good Commerce, our dedicated HR Consultant can assist with every step of the process, from crafting a job spec that attracts quality candidates, to assisting with the interview and hiring process.

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If you’re interested in hearing how Good Commerce can help with any aspect of your HR Management, contact us using the form below to book a free consultation. We’re happy to help!