HR Consulting

Need assistance with your HR management? At Good Commerce, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their growth goals. With growth, comes an increase in the need for human resources support. That’s why we’re excited to offer our dedicated HR Consultant to our clients to assist. Stop stressing over people management and let us help! 

HR Consulting and Good Commerce – How it Works

We understand every business is different and they have unique needs. Our HR Consulting service provides invaluable support for employers by taking the stress of handling staffing-related issues off their plate. We can tailor ongoing support packages for businesses of all sizes, whether you have an existing HR department or not. Our HR Consulting services operates so seamlessly, it will feel like you have your own efficient, in-house HR expert on staff.

The Benefits of Working with a HR Consultant

Business owners are known for their do-it-yourself mindset, but when it comes to people management, it’s always worth investing in outside help. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by working with our HR Consultant:

  • Cost Savings: No need to hire a full-time member of staff, we can handle your HR tasks for you
  • Expertise: Our consultant has years of experience in the HR field and can advise on every aspect of people management.
  • Long Term: We can assist putting long term policies and employee handbooks in place that will last for the long term
  • Tech Savvy: We can advise on the latest HR software and even set it up for you
  • Taxes and Payroll: We also have a dedicated accountant on staff who can work alongside our HR consultant to provide payroll solutions for your business.
  • Creating a Modern Workplace: We can advise on how to create a diverse and respectful work environment for your team

Let’s Chat

If you’re interested in hearing how Good Commerce can help with any aspect of your HR Management, contact us using the form below to book a free consultation. We’re happy to help!