Content Marketing Strategy

A Content Marketing Strategy provides a long-term blueprint for building a strong relationship with your audience. It delivers high-quality and relevant content on a consistent basis, giving your audience reasons to keep coming back to your website. If your businesses hasn’t created a Content Marketing Strategy, your digital marketing won’t be as effective as it should be. It’s time to maximize your efforts by consulting with the Content Marketing experts at Good Commerce.

Let’s take a look at some Content Marketing basics.

How Content Marketing Grows Your Audience

Modern consumers are savvy. The hard sell is no longer effective at reaching them. Instead, they want to engage with brands that are telling interesting stories and answering their questions. Content Marketing works to achieve both of these goals. It should entertain, inform and organically grow your customer base. At Good Commerce, we believe in the following foundational ideas when building a winning content marketing strategy:

    • Research: We use Google Trends and Analytics to discover what your audience is interested in, and what they’re searching for. Once you understand the problems your customers have, you can begin crafting content that provides answers.
    • Content Calendars: It’s easy to start a content marketing strategy but continuing can be difficult. Content Marketing relies on consistency, which is why we create content calendars that provide a consistent experience for your audience.
    • Industry Trends: When it comes to content marketing, it pays to know what the competition are doing. We analyze your competitors to measure the effectiveness of their content marketing strategy. What are they doing? How could your business do it better?
    • Varied Mix: A winning content marketing strategy isn’t just blogs. It delivers varied and interesting content that utilizes several channels to reach your audience where they hang out. This can include social, email newsletters, and yes, blogs. 


Content Marketing Strategy and Good Commerce

At Good Commerce, we’ve partnered with businesses in a diverse range of industries to build a winning content marketing strategy. We begin the process by hosting a Brand Discovery session. This informal get together allows us to get to know each other a little better, hear your goals, and discover the current strategy you’re utilizing. This information allows us to do our research and find ways to optimize your content marketing strategy. Our team will deliver a detailed report with next steps and our recommendations for taking your online marketing to new heights.

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