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About Cascadia Skincare

Cascadia Skincare is a Canadian skin care company with over 30 years of valuable experience in providing clean, plant-based soaps and skin care remedies.

While others have pivoted into this space over the years, Cascadia Skincare have always been guided by their founding principle of skin care products containing only ethically sourced, sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients.

Their products are lovingly hand-crafted in British Columbia in micro-batches.


The skin care market is highly competitive, with established companies deploying lavish advertising budgets. Cascadia Skincare sought to increase their online sales revenue and brand awareness. Given their experience in this field and position as thought leaders, they also wanted to grow their webinar attendees, attract new clients and grow their social media presence. With a little expertise and careful strategizing, each of these goals are possible.


In our initial consultation with Cascadia Skincare, we took a deep dive into their target market and their current efforts to connect with them. Our research indicated Facebook offered the best value and maximized our reach in targeting this audience. We created a suite of attention grabbing and brand building advertisements to run on the Facebook platform, with ads tailored to specific data points like age, sex and location.

This approach enabled us to maximize conversion for our ad spend. Education was to the fore in these ads, leaning into the company’s long-standing history and proud track record.


Cascadia Skincare now has a far-reaching social media presence that has directly led to more conversions, online traffic and repeat customers. In fact, visits to their online store increased by 69%, while online social traffic on their channel increased by 1097%. This increased their total orders by 86%.

We’re proud to have played a role in extending the reach of their Facebook page by 35,900%, alongside a 7,600% increase in their Instagram page reach. We look forward to partnering with them on continuing social media campaigns, and SEO (search engine optimization) keyword campaigns.


69 %
Online Store Visits
1097 %
Online Social Traffic
86 %
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