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Put your best face forward

Why judge a book by its cover?

Because your audience does.

You might be sitting on the best business idea in the world. In fact, let’s say you are. Your branding will play a crucial role in conveying this idea to the world, and it’s all-important in how potential customers perceive you. Needless to say, it’s important to get it right. Good Commerce is Vancouver’s leading brand specialist, with years of experience in elevating brands to the next level.

Comprehensive Branding Services

A brand is more than a logo and colour palette.

A strong brand conveys a clear and memorable message to your target audience that aligns with their values. It's having an appealing and consistent identity, portrayed through visuals, tone of voice, and communication strategy.

We build robust, confident brands that are backed by strategy.

Absolutely amazing team, they went beyond all our expectations to produce a new and unique logo and website for our non-profit organization! Extremely professional sessions that were straight-to-the-point and lively at the same time.

Alexandre MacIsaac, World Federalist Movement – Canada

Brand Identity

A consistent and memorable brand identity enables customers to connect with your business and creates the space for meaningful, long-lasting relationships to blossom.

From brand positioning to customer avatars, we will partner with you to develop an effective and engaging brand identity you’ll be excited to share with the world.

Logo Design

First impressions are everything. A well-designed logo is often the first and most easily identifiable aspect of a business. It delivers instant engagement with customers that develops into long-lasting brand recognition and loyalty.

We'll work with you to pair your key messaging and personality with unique design. The result is a visual representation that catches the eye and encapsulates your brand.

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Built to grow

We treat every client’s brand with the same level of care and dedication we would treat our own. No matter what decisions we make collaboratively, you can rest assured optimization and growth potential are at the core of everything we do.

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