Launch Online BC Ecommerce Grant

Step up Your Ecommerce with the $7,500 Launch Online Business Grant and Good Commerce

Did You Know: Ecommerce sales in Canada are projected to have doubled during 2020? This rapid growth is expected to continue in 2021 – Is your business ready to take advantage?

If you’re a BC-based business looking to move online, the Government of BC has launched a new grant program to help you achieve your goals. The Launch Online Government Grant pays up to 75% of eligible expenses for launching or upgrading an online store, up to a maximum of $7,500 per business.  

The BC Government will invest $12 million in this grant program to help businesses launch or upgrade their online presence, providing a platform to increase sales revenues, become more competitive in the digital marketplace and achieve organic growth. 

As part of the program, successful applicants to the program must use one or more local BC service providers to complete their online store. As a BC-based Shopify agency, Good Commerce is standing by to assist with your application. Our comprehensive range of online supports is suitable for businesses at every stage of their development. 

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Eligibility Criteria

Businesses looking to tap into the Launch Online Government Grant must meet the following criteria:

  • The business is owned by a BC resident or residents;
  • The business’ sole or primary operations are located in BC.
  • The business is registered in BC
  • The business generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year (in 2019, or in the year preceding the application)
  • The business does not possess an online store, or their online store has limited functionality.

What Services Can the Grant be Applied to?

The good news is the grant allows recipients to be flexible in their approach to how it’s applied. If the grant is being used toward a service that launches or grows your online presence, it qualifies. Here are some examples of how the grant could be used to grow your Ecommerce presence with Good Commerce:

  • Shopify Website Build: Showcase your brand online with a stunning Shopify website
  • Search Engine Optimization: Reach the top of Google rankings and widen your sales funnel
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Utilize Google and Facebook’s powerful advertising opportunities
  • Content Creation: Attract customers with content that converts online

The Grant Application Process

The Launch Online Grant program features three main steps. Let Good Commerce assist with putting your application together to avoid any delays. The process works like this:

Step 1

Businesses develop a grant proposal that explains how they plan to deploy the grant funding. A cost estimate for services should be included in this plan. With a limited word count to explain your ideas, we’ll be happy to provide specifics.

Step 2

Next, an online application containing 33 questions will need to be completed. These questions establish your eligibility for the grant, alongside further information on how the funds will be utilized. Good Commerce will work to ensure your proposal contains all the key information requested by the government, ensuring it’s completed efficiently and with the best chance of success.

Step 3

Once the application has been submitted, applicants will go through the vetting process. This will take approximately three weeks until an answer is received. While we wait, we’ll continue our dialogue to refine your plan and maximize the impact of the grant. 

Mandatory Online Shop Features

By the end of the process, it’s mandatory for all grant recipients to have the following website features implemented:

  • Customer registration and information security features
  • Shopping cart and order management capabilities
  • Payment processing options including taxes and shipping costs at time of ordering
  • Product catalogue, search and inventory status
  • Website analytics and reporting capabilities


Hurry, grant funds are limited! Connect with us today.