Ongoing Shopify Support Using Zendesk
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Ongoing Shopify Web Support Using Zendesk

Everyone knows customer service is important, or at least everyone should know because we are all customers, and customer service is everywhere. As many businesses have fully transitioned to a work-from-home operating model, the customer experience has become an even more important aspect of every business, be it large or small. Keeping your customers happy and delighted is one key to holistic success, and customer support service plays a crucial role in this. To keep your business growth-focused you need to ensure you have a reliable customer support strategy in place. This sounds like an overwhelming task, but luckily for you (and your employees), there are tools, such as Zendesk to support you with this!
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How to Create Efficiencies Through Business Automation

Looking for ways to make your small business more efficient? Business Automation is one of the quickest and easiest ways to find efficiencies.
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How to Future-Proof Your Business

Change is coming for Canadian businesses. From business automation, to the rise of millennial workers, here are six ways you can ensure your business is future proofed.